The world is our oyster, right? In a sense, absolutely. We are born and theoretically we can do anything we set our minds to. Or at least we can dream. The reality is however, that no, sometimes we can’t always do what we set our minds to. We can’t for so many reasons. Finances, health, location, morals, one’s upbringing, people’s words, education, laws and rules, awful presidents who make terrible executive decisions, secretary leaders who have no clue what it’s like to work in a public school etc. The point is that for many, it is just not that simple. My problems are far less than most of the world and I’m not here to complain about that. I’m just here to talk about what it is like to be a female, an artist, and frankly just a human, in life and more specifically, during the Trump Administration.

So a little about me…the arts are a part of my life daily. I am a singer, amateur piano player, drawer, painter, dancer, movie watcher and avid music listener (except for country). First and foremost, I sing all the time. Whether it’s in the¬†shower, kitchen, living room, with my roommate, in the practice room or even in my sleep, I am forever a singer. It is a habit I will never give up because it makes me who I am and I love it dearly.

I fell in love with the arts, specifically music, at the age of three when I was on a trip to New Orleans visiting my cousins. I was walking around Baton Rouge and a street corner band was playing in the distance. My family and I stopped to watch and before they knew it, I was in the middle of the crowd, proudly dancing to the music of Louisiana. I danced and laughed and all the musicians loved it. Then when the music stopped, I stopped at the exact same time. My grandfather turned to my father and said “That girl has music in her veins.” From that day on, I was singing every chance I got and it flourished into a passion for performing. Now it may not be exactly like it was back then. Back when it was easy to embrace everything that was new and intriguing and my passion was only growing. Now, I’ve learned some things, have experienced good, bad and in between days but through it all, the arts have always been there for me

I’m here to talk about how the arts make me feel. What the arts do to and for me. How they have shaped my life. How they will forever remain one of the most important things to me. Most importantly, how I will make sure I can do everything in my power to help sustain the notion that the arts are essential to society and the world.

So, if you’re reading this and maybe feel this way, or at least are slightly intrigued by what I’m saying, I hope you’ll stick with me.



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