I want to talk about a woman, artist, and dear friend of mine…

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Kelsey has been a best friend to me for over 7 years. We met in our high school select choir. She was a junior and I, a freshman. Now there weren’t many freshman in the choir so she introduced herself to me and through that genuine act of kindness, we became friends. Freshie and Juni were our nicknames for one another and together we could do anything.

As the years have passed we have remained best friends and have grown together as artists. We’ve talked about opening our own store that was “Like a well curated assortment of goods for artistic humans…” and when I asked what would be in it she’d say, “In a perfect world, our art, local art, cute home goods, plants, tea, handmade scarves, embroidered goods, some books. Lifestyle ish.” And of course, mugs with puppies on them. She is the person I can talk to about everything, and an inspiration to me.


This past week, I asked her to take part in an assignment for a class. The assignment was to select an artist I knew and have them choose an important moment in their life that related to them being an artist. With that moment, I was tasked to create an AdobeSpark Page that would correlate to her story. When I received her story… I immediately knew that I was going to have the best one in the whole class.

The story titled, “To Herself,” was about a project Kelsey had during her senior year in college. It was an “image book” required for an oil painting class that was meant to be filled with a theme of inspiration. Her inspiration was women. Wether it was women artists, men who painted women, womanhood or motherhood, she wanted to capture what it all meant to her personally as a woman and as an artist.

The book wasn’t just a project for class however, it was a journey of self discovery, a celebration of women as a whole, and a memorial to her late mother. I was in love with the fact that it was about the celebration of all that made her, who she was. It made me want to celebrate it with her and share it with the world. A story of life. IMG_7673.JPG

Below is a favorite section of mine from “To Herself,”:

“The few selected sentences from Kalman are words that she dedicated to her own mother, including “Are things normal? I don’t know. Does life go on? Yes.” Life does move on — it’s up to you where you go from there. Once my book was completely filled with my collaged images, I sprayed each page with my mother’s favorite perfume, tea, and salt water. It became a tactile representation of my own womanhood, of my career, of my artistic vision, and of my most powerful memories, sometimes painful, but always inspired.” (Sloane)


To me, not everything in life is sunshine and roses but we are creators. We take what is thrown our way and from that, art is made.


See you soon,



To view the Adobe Spark page I created for my own project, click the link below:



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