Music Makes Me Feel

We all have a favorite song right?


Hello everyone,

This week, I want to talk about certain songs/albums that really make me feel something. I’m talking songs that make you feel like they’re connected to your soul. We all have a few that just seem to get us. The ones we play on repeat for hours because how could any other song compare in that moment. Frankly I don’t have favorite songs, I have ones that fit what I need to hear at certain times.

First of all, I never move without music. Whether it is in the car, on a bus for hours, walking to class, ordering food, taking a shower, I’m always listening to something because it drives my day. I honestly think it’s one of the best things too. As if my life had its own sound track. It’s not just me though! My family are avid music appreciators and listeners. One of my favorite things  about going home, and something I have always loved growing up, is having my bedroom above the kitchen. Every weekend morning, and most mornings in the Summer, I wake up to the sound of music (usually Bruce Springsteen) being played from my kitchen as my parents prepare breakfast. Can you imagine how awesome that is? I’d walk downstairs as the music grows louder and I’d dance with my mom as pancakes are being served and coffee is being brewed. It set the standard that my life always needed to have music.

So here are a few recent songs/albums that really just fill me with something too beautiful to explain.

First is the entire album Red Earth & Pouring Rain by British folk rock band Bear’s Den.


This album is ridiculously lovely. Just rich, colorful, takes you to another world kind of lovely. It has been my road trip partner for months now because it is something that completely immerses you in music. I put on this album and nothing else matters. Specifically the songs, Dew on the Vine, Love Can’t Stand Alone, Fortress, and Gabriel. These are songs that pull and tug on heart strings, that make you gaze out windows and wonder what happened to the man who wrote these songs, that make you envision an entire memory that you’re not even sure truly exists.

Next are two songs from the Broadway Musical, Hamilton. 


Honestly, you should just listen to the entire album because it is a work of pure genius, but these two songs are the ones that made me fall in love with the show entirely. They are Satisfied and Wait For It. These songs are Broadway belters that make you jam out in your car like no one if watching… I should know, I do it all the time. If you happen to be pretty good at harmony, they’re also great songs to harmonize to!

Lastly, British singer Ben Howard’s album Every Kingdom.


This is Summer in one album to me. It’s a favorite between my sister and I and it is the sound track of my life from the ages of 15-20. When I listen back to it now, I’m taken back to the bus rides home from school, the summers on the Cape when I’d listen on the beach, and the drives through the country with my sister. It’s funny how music can do that. Imprint on memories we have and at the time, we don’t even realize it’ll stick with us for forever. It’s been nearly 7 years since I first listened to this album, and it still makes my heart swell.

The song, Keep Your Head Up is my motto now. “Keep your head up, keep your head strong” is a line I’ve used in countless ways to numerous people. It’s a line that everyone needs to hear from time to time and to me, it is another way to say, ” I love you “.

Below is the music video for Keep Your Head Up. It fills me with a sense of childlike wonder and if you give it a watch, I hope it does the same for you.

See ya soon,



2 thoughts on “Music Makes Me Feel

  1. I really like how personal you are while writing this blog post! It’s great to hear how you’re feeling and being able to feel like I can hear your voice through your writing is really important! I also enjoy your music selection you highlighted here.

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