Everyone needs a little push outside of their comfort zone right?

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Hello friends,

So for those of you who know me, I’m a pretty vibrant, extroverted performer who is rather comfortable on stage or behind a camera. This past weekend I took part in S.O.C.A’s 14th annual fashion show All Around The World! and let me tell you, it was exciting.

My friend Caiti was the one who got me to audition for it with her. Though reluctant at first, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and can’t thank her enough for making me do it. She is a badass on stage and it was so fun to cheer her on. What’s really nice is that we became so much closer through this experience and she is someone I’ll always have around in my life. We are the kind of friends who listen to stories till 2 in the morning, push each other to try new things, and embrace change. Who doesn’t love that?


When I told people I had rehearsal and what not, a lot of them would say “rehearsal to do what? Walk?” and though it sounds funny, yeah we had to learn how to walk. There was so much that went into the show and the amount of time we spent learning formations was crazy. You gotta learn how to strike a damn fine pose, how to walk and turn, how to use your entire body, pose for pics, all while remembering the formation. Though it may sound super simple, it takes a minute to get it right.

The day of the show came and I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous to get up on stage.  Frankly, a fashion show can do a couple things. It can either make you feel like a Queen slaying the stage, can make you feel self conscious about the fact that people are going to be judging your every move, or it can be a combination of both. For me, it was a combo.

I was completely feeling my self up there…

*Photos by Tevin Tinto*

But at the same time, it is really hard not to pick at all my flaws at the same time. You’re standing in a dressing room trying on clothes that either fit or they don’t and staring in mirrors noticing everything that you may want to tweak and change about yourself. You compare yourself to others and maybe wish you looked a little different.

It was a tough place to be in but coming out of it, it forced me to recognize that, I really enjoy who I am. There are always things to work on but I’m grateful for the fact that I was surrounded by such a body positive group of people. Every one of those models and students I walked with were such supportive people, and would always cheer you on no matter what.

So I walked with pride and did my thing and people cheered my name. I just felt good ya know? It was a scary, powerful, and thrilling experience… but I hope to do it again soon.

Let’s all jump out of our comfort zones, shall we?

See ya soon,



2 thoughts on “Steppin’ outside my comfort zone

  1. Love how detailed you are about the process of getting up in front of people; I did a lot of theatre in high school and at my last college, so I know how intimidating it can be. I’ll admit that I’ve always wanted to step out of my comfort zone more often than I have, and I applaud the fact that you want to inspire others to do the same.

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