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Art is a beautiful celebration of life. Since I was a child, the arts have been a passion and outlet for me where I can express my true self. Along with that, I am an Arts Management major at SUNY Purchase, a place that thrives in the arts. Here, I have experienced the life of an opera major, jazz vocal major and now as a manager. This school hosts so many budding artists that I know can make a change in the world. It gives me hope that art has an eternal life, an ever-changing and inspiring life.

Besides being an artist, I love my adventurous life and having one too many good times with my dear friends and family. I love to capture moments through a lens and give artistic license to them. I love to eat all the food in the world (especially pastries and pasta). And I love to make those around me laugh. It’s been a wonderful life for me, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.